Lieutenant Kor' de'leia

Name Kor' de'leia

Position B-Wing Bomber Pilot

Second Position Commander, Air Group

Rank Lieutenant


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Tue Oct 6th, 2020 @ 2:56pm

Vital Statistics

Callsign Rogue One
Species Twi'lek
Gender Female
Age 30

Equipment Loadout

Assigned Droid PEarl - Integrated in B-Wing Navcomputer
Assigned Vehicle B-Wing Fighter/Bomber
Preferred Weapon Twi'lek Dagger
Additional Owned Equipment Kor keeps a small blaster, often worn on her inside thigh under her dress. She knows how to use it, but is by no means a master of weaponry. She also keeps a traditional Twil’lek dagger strapped to the back of her belt in an ornate sheath. Much like her it is equally an elegant accessory and deadly weapon.

She also has rudimentary slicing hardware sewn into her undergarments.

Physical Attributes

Height 5'10"
Weight 130
Hair Color Pink Skin
Eye Color Purple
Physical Profile Kor is 5’10” and has the curvy athletic body of a dancer. She has pale pink skin, which makes her very appealing to humans. Her eyes are violet. She tends to dress in tight fitting dresses and clothing that highlight her physical assets. She has a love for ornate jewelry, particularly for adorning her head-tails. She dresses far above the station of her birth, or practical for most fighter pilots.

Distinguishing Marks: There is a long scar on her left shoulder blade.


Family Members Unknown. Records on Ryloth were highly damaged/destroyed in the waning days of the Empire. As Kor comes from a lower caste, no one has had much interest in reuniting families.

Personality & Traits

Personality Profile Kori is an actress and a dancer. She moves with grace and elegance. She can convincingly make up stories to fit whatever situation she is in. She is also skilled in the arts of a courtesan. She is a pleasant companion for any who need one. She also had developed rather useful slicing skills at least for low level encryptions such as commercial transactions and personal bank codes.

Strengths & Weaknesses Kor is quick witted and sharp tongued. She had high self confidence, but is frequently blinded by personal bias. Elegant and deadly hand to hand combatant. Borderline Sociopath. Maybe beyond borderline...

She is a thief.

Lies easily and often. Has little remorse for the course of her actions. She does look out for her own and wont put them in undue danger. She wont apologize if she does.

She gets a thrill from killing. Her years in Rebel Intelligence have honed the skill to a terrible efficiency.
Ambitions Kor wants to be ridiculously wealthy and cruise the galaxy in her private yacht. Elegance and Leisure is highly treasured by her.
Hobbies & Interests Gambling
Petty Theft
Mixing with elegant and wealthy people.

Historical Data

Personal History Kor’d’Leia was born into abject poverty on the Twi’lek home world of Ryloth. Her family being of the lower caste she grew up begging for scraps and selling trinkets fashioned from the wastes of the Ryll mines. Her sister Elli and she pretended to be wealthy jewelry craftsmen selling their wares to tourists in a glamorous boutique. These dreams were smashed when she was sold to Pirate Slavers at the age of 6.

Existence among the pirates was a living hell. Her usability as a common slave was limited due to her age. Her pinkish skin tone appealed to her human masters, who increasingly used her for their ‘entertainment’ as she grew older. She had watched other slave girls be savagely brutalized for disobeying her masters. She learned to be submissive and follow their every order. She would often detach herself from whatever depraved misery was being inflicted upon her and imagine herself being in another world, in a life of luxury with food and pretty things. In this fragile haven of her mind she sheltered her dignity and hope in the face of the daily physical and emotional abuse.

At the age of 12 she managed to escape her captors on Chandrilla. The natives of this cultured world held high distain for the enslavement of young girls. She was given shelter and introduced into rudimentary schooling. Kor excelled at the theatrical arts. She had a profound ability to convincingly portray any role she was given. She found too that she could reinvent her horrific past and bound to herself a personal mythology that slowly brought her to company in higher society. She grew more beautiful each year and due to her past history knew how to use her maturing sexuality to influence others.

She took to acting and dancing on starliners. In time she fell in with gamblers who found she was an efficient good luck object. She began to move more in the circles of elegance and luxury she had always dreamed of. At the same time she found herself more and more involved with the criminal elements of the galaxy. She was frequently used to bait or rob persons of great wealth. In addition for being “Bait” she became a skilled wheel girl in piloting escape speeders and ships. She became adept at high speed vehicular acrobatics that somehow managed to evade security forces in pursuit. Over time she came to be a quite experienced pilot. She had little love for herself and did what she had to so as to maintain the fragile affluence she was striving for.

Then the Empire came. In a horrific raid, meant to remove criminal elements from a border world, Elli once more founder herself a captive. Her position had changed from the pathetic slave girl she once was. She had the ability to truly entertain and a penchant for skewing odds in her favor. The physical impropriety she had long ago learned to suppress in her mind. She would survive.

Finally, she saw a chance for freedom. A raid on Dantooine went very bad for her masters. Forces of a Rebel cell routed Imperial troops and penned them up in an old barn. What precisely happened next is a mystery. The Resistance found Kor wounded and in tears, the lacerated body of one of her former masters crumpled on top of her, surrounded by the shredded and scorched bodies of several stormtroopers.

The Rebellion soon found her talents as a pilot and spy a great benefit. She became an active operative for Rebel Intelligence. She often maintained her preferred air as a wealthy socialite, acquiring useful information from malleable targets. Over time, her handlers found themselves in a bit of a situation when targets with Pirate or Imperial backgrounds ended up frequently dead, even with specific orders to protect them. Removed from active intelligence work, she has struggled to work as a star pilot with a bad reputation as being too chaotic and unreliable.

By a twist of fate, she was rescued from Imperial detention and found herself a Lieutenant in the reborn Rogue Squadron. While not the best pilot, her experience in espionage and straight out killing made her an asset in the field. Mon Mothma familiar with her from her days on Chandrilla placed her in charge of a new squadron of misfits and rogues. For some reason the Rebel Alliance allowed it. Since then she has been building the unit with the most daring pilots and reckless outcasts.
Service Record Slave
Chadrillan Royal Opera and Theatrical Troupe
Rebel Intelligence Service Operative
Freelance Trouble Consultant
Rogue Squadron Lieutenant
Promoted to Commanding Officer by order from Mon Mothma.