Lieutenant Jafan

Name Jafan

Position A-Wing Interceptor Pilot

Rank Lieutenant


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Tue Oct 6th, 2020 @ 2:56pm

Vital Statistics

Callsign Rogue Nine
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 31

Equipment Loadout

Physical Attributes

Physical Profile Jafan is muscularly built. He has multiple scars on his body: one small incision on the center-left side of his back, one across his right pectoral muscle, and a horizontal scar across his right thigh.


Personality & Traits

Personality Profile Jafan lives life like he pilots starships: fast and loose! He speaks his mind, sometimes without a filter. He values his intelligence over most but when he believes in something, he is fiercely loyal to the cause. He's generally outgoing and adaptable to most situations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jafan is an exceptional pilot. He excels in dogfighting and atmosphere combat. He favors speed and maneuverability over strength in combat situations.

His mouth often gets him into trouble, which is why he always has his blaster and blades on his person. His blade training is adequate, but mostly self taught and could use serious refinement.

In his former life, he was involved in several ground combat scenarios, where he tended to play the role of soldier. He can use most any type of weapon that can fire a projectile, but he has his favorites and tends to stick to them and can be a little uncomfortable using weaponry not his own.
Hobbies & Interests Jafan is a gambler, through and through. Table games, racing (even betting on himself), and fighting, you can always see him putting money on the line. He really doesn't care if he wins or loses. Its about the thrill.

Historical Data

Personal History The boy was born into slavery on the planet Florrum and his owners separated him at birth from his parents. The slavers were part of a criminal syndicate backed by a rogue member of the Imperial Elite. For much of his early life, he was cared for by droids. The intention for him, as with the other children who were separated from their families, was to become part of a new class of workers that were to be utilized by the syndicate. The boy doesn't remember much of his early life and no one has cared to tell him. From as early as he can remember, he'd been working in a swoop bike shop as laborer. Over time, he learned a lot about swoop bikes, and by extension, swoop bike races, which was one of the primary forms of entertainment on Florrum. When he was twelve, a smuggler came into the shop to place a bet. The owner of the shop offer him the odds and the smuggler looked in the boy's direction and asked him to choose a biker, as had happened many times before. The boy did so, picking one of the lesser skilled bikers as he was told by the owner. The wager was happily received by the shop owner, he himself taking the race favorite (also one of his bikers), and the smuggler left. Out of some sheer dumb luck, the biker won the race and the smuggler came to collect. The shop owner didn't want to pay him, claiming it wasn't a fair bet. After a little coaxing (with his blaster), the shop owner agreed to pay the smuggler. He still could not cover the winnings, but offered the boy as payment. The smuggler surprisingly accepted and the boy was transferred to his custody. The smuggler then took the boy under his wing and after learning he had no name, gave him the name Jafan.

Jafan learned much during his years as a member of the smuggler's crew. He taught himself to shoot and fight in close combat situations and also learned that he had quite an aptitude for piloting. Whether space freighter, air speeder, land speeder, or swoop bike, Jafan had quite a knack. He eventually became the pilot for the smuggler's ship, Colossus' Might. Over the years, Jafan had built quite a camraderie with the small, five-man crew of the Might. They had many run ins with New Republic ships, as well as ships from the many criminal syndicates that splattered across the galaxy. For nearly twenty years, Jafan ran with the crew of the Might. Then the First Order came into the picture. They'd made a few runs on small outposts before, but in the Might's crew's final mission together, they bit off a little more than they could chew. They came across intel on a site that was manufactoring weapons and the source claimed they'd found a way in. It was considerably more heavily defended than the Might's crew was lead to believe. They got the merchandise, but at great cost. They always got their mark, but this time it cost them. The smuggler, along with two of the crew, were killed in the mission. Jafan and the ship's mechanic made it out, with the payload, but it didn't really matter. In a message they'd found in the ship's computer, the smuggler had bequeathed the ship to them. The two, both heartbroken at the loss, continued on for a short time, but the mechanic eventually went on his own way, leaving Jafan alone. He traveled the galaxy for two years before an unexpected offer came up....