Lieutenant Melvyn Kosta

Name Melvyn Kosta

Position X-Wing Starfighter Pilot

Rank Lieutenant


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Vital Statistics

Species Human
Gender Male
Age 27

Equipment Loadout

Assigned Droid Toot
Assigned Vehicle An X-wing that has seen better days
Preferred Weapon Missiles
Additional Owned Equipment A slightly more powerful than average (and somewhat illegal) blaster
And in his cockpit, stashed under his seat :
- A first aid kit
- Ration bars
- Energy drinks
- A sketchbook
- A flask of alcohol for truly desperate situations

Physical Attributes

Height 1m76
Weight 67kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Profile Melvyn is of average height which, to be fair, is an advantage for any pilot. Military life has kept him in decent shape so far, though physical exercise isn't particularly his thing. He has much more fun in a simulator doing some flying exercises. Still, he was raised with a "mens sana in corpore sano" attitude, and makes an effort to eat at least some vegetables. He has faded scars from a flying accident, and another more recent scar on his nose and across his hairline from when his TIE was nearly destroyed and he smashed his face into his helmet.


Family Members Melvyn is a son from a low-ranking noble Onderonian house. His mother, Baroness Madrinn Kosta, is head of the house and his older sister, Siana, is the heir. Melvyn's brother Caedin Kosta also serves the Empire, though not as a pilot.
One of their cousins, Elo Kosta, joined the Insurgents (an Onderonian rebel cell) years ago. This was a key event that encouraged Baroness Madrinn to have her sons join the Imperial Navy, as a show of loyalty, to avoid retribution for Elo's betrayal.

Personality & Traits

Personality Profile Melvyn was raised in the traditions of the Onderonian nobility and as such has unyielding principles ; those principles, however, have been badly shaken by everything he has witnessed of the Empire's rule. While he tends to uphold the aristocratic viewpoint that autocracy is a more efficient governing system, he also believes that a leader should be benevolent and enlightened, or be rightly deposed. To be clear, he doesn't consider rank (social or military) to be a right over other people, but a duty to them.
Melvyn is often conflicted because the wrongs of the Empire do not automatically make the rebellion right. This can lead him to be quite critical of the actions of some of the rebellion's more extreme elements. He is also conflicted in his loyalty to his family, as he knows his actions could have dire consequences on the Kosta House. Once his defection is made public, the Baroness publicly disowns him. He doesn't know how his family really feel about his defection as contacting them could put them in danger, but he knows that his cousin Elo's betrayal cut deep and his own can only have cut deeper.
Of course he also feels strongly about his former Imperial friends. Being fairly social, he had more than a few of them, but his former wingman Asher Areksen is the one whose disappointment hurts the most. Melvyn's worst fear is being pitted against one of them in combat, as he knows he'd have to either die or kill them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Melvyn can be extreme in his beliefs and has a hard time pulling away or letting go, even when this works to his detriment.
He has however a positive attitude and mindset that help him face the worst odds without losing hope or giving up. Despite his inner conflicts he is determined to keep enjoying the small pleasures of life.
He tends to tackle his problems head-on rather than let them fester.
Ambitions Melvyn wants to make a difference, and help to either create an Empire that is more just, or a rebellion that is less chaotic.
Hopefully someday he can be reunited with his family.
He also wants to protect them, be it from the Empire's wrath or from the rebellion's actions.
Hobbies & Interests Strategy games such as Dejarik
Drawing and painting
Listening to music (especially from other cultures)

Historical Data

Personal History 28 BBY - Melvyn is born, second child to the Kosta noble house
25 BBY - His brother Caedin is born
20 BBY - Melvyn flies his first toy speeder
18 BBY - A new law makes "Imperial civic education" mandatory in schools
15 BBY - Elo Kosta joins the Insurgents
13 BBY - Baroness Madrinn Kosta enlists her sons in the Imperial High School - a preparatory high school to get into the Imperial Academy after graduation. Siana, her daughter and heir, has already graduated and is starting to study politics at the Iziz Central University.
10 BBY - Melvyn graduates with decent grades and is offered a place at the Imperial Flight Academy
7 BBY - Melvyn graduates from the Flight Academy and is given the opportunity to go on a two-year consolidation course (which also involves real missions).
Service Record 5 BBY - Melvyn gets his first permanent assignment on the Exterminator as a pilot on the 512th squadron
5 BBY - Half of the 512th squadron is destroyed and the surviving pilots are dispatched amongst other squadrons to replace other losses. Melvyn becomes a member of the 311th squadron
3 BBY - Melvyn's tie-fighter is nearly destroyed in battle. He is towed back into the Exterminator and temporarily transferred to a hospital facility. Several of his bones have to be replaced by an artificial composite due to the severity of his wounds. He spends six months recovering on Onderon before going back to the Exterminator.
3 BBY - Melvyn is promoted to full lieutenant and commands a flight of 3 tie-fighters.
2 BBY - The Otta V massacre happens
1 BBY - The commander of the 311th squadron is killed and Melvyn is offered a temporary command as 311 Alpha.
1 BBY - Melvyn defects to the Rebellion.